MaxMo Technologies


MaxMo Technologies strives to assist our customers in delivering value to all stakeholders. We primarily achieve this through designing and implementing high-quality processes for our customers, which drive down costs and increase productivity. Often, this involves leveraging technology tools to support the activities and tasks of company employees. We encourage strategies with both direct internal benefits, as well as secondary, residual benefits across the broader enterprise (customers, suppliers and partner organizations).

Our consulting and technology services are based on lean business practices, supported by a strong focus on quality design philosophy. What do we mean by design philosophy? High performance depends on well designed products, processes and marketing. Whether building an internal management tool or mapping out production processes, design is fundamental to success. Organizational processes, software interfaces and marketing material all benefit from a focus on design. Optimizing design leads to improved value delivery, increased productivity and results, and greater sustainability.

In addition, we approach organization challenges in a holistic manner. By understanding the complex interconnections of system behavior and thinking, we seek solutions and tools that leverage existing resources and have a synergistic connection with the existing systemic requirements.

Having worked with a variety of organizations and companies over the last ten years, we have gained a range of experience and refined our consulting services to address a diversity of challenges and issues. To learn more about our consulting services, please contact us by calling (917) 677-6155 or sending us a message online.